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Home Automation has historically been the domain of the rich and famous. Now, broad market consumers are buying increasingly more connected devices, but have a limited ability to install, service, or support those solutions, and have almost no ability to integrate their various home systems to create the real lifestyle benefits that wealthy homeowners have enjoyed for decades. Simultaneously, ISPs have tried and failed to bundle services like voice, video, and data to create customer stickiness, only to be disintermediated by voice and data solutions treating the data connection as a simple pipe.

Meanwhile, Home Automation has demonstrated the need for a tight and long-lasting relationship between the consumer and their service provider. History has made it clear that once the systems of the home start talking to each other, or there are many connected devices in the home, there is a tangible bond with the Primary Service Provider. That service provider becomes the indispensable IT Department for the Home.

Many Systems – One Simple App

  • Seamless and Intuitive single app for control of all devices; you no longer need to juggle many apps. Your organization’s app becomes the one app to rule them all.

  • Extensive Driver Support for leading smart brands and devices.

  • Leading-edge Cloud Architecture for remote troubleshooting and next-level subscription services and support.

  • Full integration with Service Provider schedule, ticketing, dispatch, and CRM systems.

The Connected Home Service Moat

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are increasingly in the position of being a commoditized pipe for data. In contrast, the organization that provides support for the connected home becomes the Primary Service Provider, or PSP. As the systems of the home start talking to each other, the complexity and need for support increases exponentially. Homeowners need one place to turn for answers. Whether the homeowner wants increased security, comfort, safety, convenience, entertainment, or to modify their lifestyle using technology in some other way, they want help. When problems occur, from a simple Wi-Fi issue, or a breakdown in the complex interaction of multiple systems, consumers need help. The modern connected home needs an IT Department to turn to for support.


The Primary Service Provider is this IT Department for the home. That service and support relationship turns a commodity supplier relationship into a bond between the ISP and the home. It creates a service moat that makes it very difficult for new competitive offerings to break through. Now, consumers are interacting with the PSP every day by using their app to control their home and manage their connected lifestyle. From turning on the lights to solving complex problems, the consumer will see the PSP’s influence in their daily lives.

The OliverIQ Story

The OliverIQ leadership team has spent decades bringing the benefits of smart, connected homes to customers all over the globe. We are the founders and past leaders of PHAST, iBahn, Control4, home security providers, wireless carriers, and multiple other tech ventures. OliverIQ’s technology provides the platform for advanced automation, world class support, and a lasting, profitable relationship with the connected home. It is the culmination of years of delivering award-winning, elegant smart home solutions and leveraging the latest advancements in intelligent device control, wireless communications, and cloud computing. OliverIQ is supported and funded by leading tech investors, EPIC Ventures, Album VC, Pelion Venture Partners, Silicon Valley Bank, and the investment arm of a leading global semiconductor company.

Homes are Only Getting Smarter

  1. Revenue in the Smart Home market was US$33.7B in 2022 and is projected to reach $51.2B by 2026.

  2. Active households in the Smart Home market are forecast to reach 84.9M users by 2026.

  3. Subscriptions are increasing significantly, raising costs and causing confusion and redundant spending. Avg = $273/Month, up 15% in two years.

  4. Primary Service Providers (PSPs) have tremendous influence over home technology and appliance pur­chases.

Your customer. Your brand. Let OliverIQ work behind the scenes to supercharge your relationship with your customers by enabling your organization to be the Primary Service Provider for the connected home.

If your vision of the smart and connected home of the future matches ours, we want to hear from and team up with you!

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