Complex home automation has traditionally only been available in professionally integrated custom smart homes – or through hours upon hours of programming by DIY enthusiasts. Now, these seamlessly orchestrated experiences are available to everyone.

Welcome Home

No more arriving at night to a dark, unlit home. Once you enter a pre-defined geo-fencing radius, your home begins preparing to welcome you. Without any other action on your part, the thermostat automatically changes to a comfortable setting, and the gas fireplace or air conditioner kicks on, depending on the time of year. Exterior lights turn on, and as you approach the home, your alarm system de-activates, outside doors unlock, and the garage door opens to welcome you. Upon entering, your wireless light switches turn on, illuminating a path to the kitchen, and your favorite playlist or TV station begin playing for you. OliverIQ even allows a custom Welcome Home experience for each user, based on their individual preferences. That’s the kind of security and convenience that a truly intelligent home can offer.

Wake Up

One of the most practical and enjoyable Experiences in the OliverIQ app is our simple “Wake Up.” Say goodbye forever to annoying and jarring morning alarms; instead, let your truly smart home wake you and your household up in a much more pleasant and natural way. Minutes before your pre-set wake up time, the smart thermostats set the home to a comfortable temperature. Your powered shades let the morning sunshine in, while your smart lights ramp up slowly and comfortably. Wireless speakers play your easy listening wake up playlist, until your desired morning TV program kicks on. With OliverIQ, even someone who isn’t a “morning person,” will find their intelligent wake up to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Vacation Mode

One of the best ways to safeguard your home is to make it look occupied when you’re away. Whether your home’s occupants are out of town on vacation, or just away for some period of time, your OliverIQ Vacation Experience keeps things safe and protected. As you leave the Vacation geo-fencing radius, your smart OliverIQ system closes garage doors, locks exterior door locks and sets the alarm system to Away mode. You select which devices you want to include in the Vacation Experience, such as TVs, lights, and smart speakers, and OliverIQ randomly turns those systems on and off throughout the night during your time away. Would-be intruders will be dissuaded from approaching or bothering your home, as it appears to be occupied with multiple systems in use. OliverIQ gives peace of mind and security whenever you need to be away from home.

Custom Experience

OliverIQ’s intuitive and affordable solution brings the benefits of true smart home automation. From safety and security, comfort and convenience, energy savings and effortless entertainment to homeowners everywhere. See for yourself the advantages and rewards of the first truly complete Smart Home as a Service platform, and join the OliverIQ movement today!

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